Magic Number


Getting Started

Little things
to make your life easier.

1 minute overview

Get a glance of the features in this quick video.

Size it.

It’s easy to miss, you can resize Magic Number to your heart’s content.

Window Resizing

To save space, you can go buttonless.

Window Folded

To switch back to the default, click Window Zoom Widget.


Made a mistake?
Just click and type over it.

Input Clicking

You can navigate with left or right arrow:  ,

Input Tabbing

You can insert with alt-left or alt-right:   ,

Input Tabbing

Of course there are many more editing tricks.

Easier add

‘+’ is the most common operation.
Yet most of us have this key:

+ =

Magically, when you press it twice, you get ‘+’.

+ =+ = +

Changing it for good

Go to menu  Magic Number ▸ Preferences

Preferences Shortcuts Annotations


From above, you can see

X Multiply

Visually letter ‘X’ is similar to the multiplication sign.
Many shortcuts are based on visual clues.

You can also learn a shortcut from the button’s tooltip.

Log Button With Tooltip

Here is the full list of shortcuts.

Do it with one finger

Traditionally we use shift (⇧) to access secondary functions.

For example:

S sin

S sin–1

Holding ⇧ while pressing S is tedious.

Instead hit S twice:

SS sin–1

This is the Double Key technique.


You can re-use your past calculation by double-clicking.

History Reuse

Select something to see its summary.

History Summary

No need for M+, MR, MC

You get something better.

  • First, the result of your calculation is automatically saved.
    To use it again, click result or press R.
  • Magic Number gives multiple memories.
    They are more like variables. To set m to 42, enter ‘m = 42’.
    You can use letters a, b, k, m, n.
    Learn more
  • Lastly if you want to use M+ to add a list of numbers,
    the List feature is for you.

List – A mini spreadsheet

Get the sum, tax, and statistics for a list of numbers.

Quick tutorial:

  1. Open the List drawer (⌘4).
  2. Enter a number and press to put it in the drawer.
  3. Pick a function.

Click the below image for a demo.

Business Demo

The Unknown


Sometimes you are too tired to think.
Too tired to do the elementary algebra in your head.
For example:

Something ÷ 17 = 19

Something is the unknown. Similar to ‘x’ in elementary algebra.


 ?  ÷ 17 = 19

You get:

? ÷ 17 = 19. Result: ? = 323

Here is an example involving %:

? + 20% = 192. Result: ? = 160

Click here to learn what Magic Number can solve for you.

Extra Functions

You find more functions under F1 or F2.

 F1  F2 

When you click F1 for example, you get a list of extra functions to choose from.

Extra Functions Panel

Useful shortcuts

F  –  F1

G  –  F2

⇧⌘ F  –  Show the list of extra functions

What’s next?

The home page gives you a nice overview of features.
The online help shows you how to use the app.

If you have problems or suggestions, it’s easier to reach us from Magic Number.

Star Menu

Until then, enjoy using Magic Number.
Have a nice day.